My Angel

Letting Go of My Angel

She’s been a friend of mine. Since when? I don’t know… It’s not because I am not valuing her that much but because I am not the type of person who holds on base on how far have you been together and calculating how much you’ve done. I am the type of person who will value friends by not scheming how much I give but calculating how much I received.

She’s loud! Deafening! Ā Vociferous!

She doesn’t know how to see age gaps!

And she doesn’t listen!

But I loved her… šŸ˜„

Why we become friends? She’s my teacher. She taught me what to do to make my life better. She’s the one who makes me realize that every individual has value and that you can be better. On our almost 2 years together being friends, we’ve encountered different problems but she showed to me how brave is she. She taught me how to be brave in facing these types of problems and what to do when these problems reoccur in the future.

She’s my eye-opener. She let me see and realize that there is a better person inside me. When we almost broke up with the past relationship I have before, she’s the one who’s there in my side and gave me advises. She open my eyes of the reality that my life should not be turning for only one person. That there is beauty outside our relationship.

She’s my “Eyes”. She is literally my eyes during the time that I have a problem with my eyes and I became blind for almost a week. She’s the one holding me when I transfer from one corner to another. She even guides me in the dark. I don’t know how to say thank-you to her at that time. It’s really a big thing for me. She’s so patient and that she understands my situation.

What happen now? There is no exact reason! She just changed her treatment towards me. She published a post in one of the social networking sites named Facebook that she has something that she doesn’t like about me. That she’s tired and that she doesn’t like my attitude! I don’t know why. No word. Nothing. Pure silence.

What I remember is she asked me about something – work related. So, I answered. She’s irate at that time… I understand her because I thought to myself that maybe it’s because of the customer. Then, suddenly, she changed her mood and posted something in Facebook. I am clueless what have I done. T.T

Why not go to her and reconcile? I would love to. But it’s not that easy. She said it’s fix. she’s not going to talk to me anymore. What should I do? I guess, it’s time to let go… I can’t bear the pain in my heart if I keep on waiting for the time that everything will go back to be the same again.

A message for her: For all the painful, stressful and excruciating you’ve said about me, you’re forgiven. You will always be in my heart and will always be my Angel though we are no longer the usual myJo and myAngel. I wish you all the best in your life.


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